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Maintaining Your Sanity Mid-Semester

We all know how tough it can be trying to juggle a hectic schedule and still somehow get 8 hours of sleep, exercise, have a social life, eat healthy, let alone do any kind of self-care!

While these won’t be the answers to all your problems, Here are a few apps I’ve found to have proven beneficial – even if just a moment! Use these apps in between classes, right before or after a major exam, after a genuinely stressful day!

The link below takes you to a blog article I wrote for my internship site, Continue reading “Maintaining Your Sanity Mid-Semester”

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5 Jobs you can get with a Bachelors in Psychology

First day of Psych 100 – Intro to Psychology. The very first thing the professor said was ‘If you don’t plan on getting a Doctorates degree in Psychology, you may want to rethink what you want to do as a career.’ We spent an entire 50 minute lecture discussing the slim to none chance of getting a job in the field with a Bachelors in Psychology. This notion made plenty of people change their majors or have second thoughts about what they wanted to do with their lives. While some people did in fact choose Psychology because ‘it seemed like an easy major’ and were quickly dissuaded after this lecture, others who wholeheartedly wanted a degree in Psychology pondered on what else they could get a degree in. Continue reading “5 Jobs you can get with a Bachelors in Psychology”