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Bring Your Curls Back To Life

I recently did the last chop to finally be completely natural, after having transitioned for the past two years. I can finally do wash and go’s!

But… now that my hair is all natural, I noticed that my curls, especially in certain parts, were lifeless and undefined. I searched high and low for solutions to the problem and ran across Bentonite Clay Masks. I decided to give it a try and I was impressed with the results!  Although it wasn’t as amazing as I’d hoped, (doesn’t that always happen when you try stuff  you see on a YouTube tutorial?) I can definitely notice a difference after doing it just one time. I’ll definitely be incorporating this into my routine! Check out what I did here:  Continue reading “Bring Your Curls Back To Life”

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Top 5 Twist-Out Products under $10

Being natural, you learn that every product doesn’t do what it says it does, and the good stuff cost your whole life savings! Especially if you’re new to the game! I’ve been transitioning for two years and am constantly trying to find “the” product for my hair while also trying to not be homeless on the street with flawless hair. Being in grad school, you learn how to stretch every penny you own.

Frugalistas, I’ve created a list of my top 5 favorite products under $10.00. My go-to’s if you will! I’ve ordered them from least expensive to most expensive, while still being under $10 of course.

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