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Maintaining Your Sanity Mid-Semester

We all know how tough it can be trying to juggle a hectic schedule and still somehow get 8 hours of sleep, exercise, have a social life, eat healthy, let alone do any kind of self-care!

While these won’t be the answers to all your problems, Here are a few apps I’ve found to have proven beneficial – even if just a moment! Use these apps in between classes, right before or after a major exam, after a genuinely stressful day!

The link below takes you to a blog article I wrote for my internship site, Continue reading “Maintaining Your Sanity Mid-Semester”

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About Me.

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page. I started this blog because so many people asked me┬ámultiple times how to do the same things – hair routines, making extra money while in graduate school and other cool life hacks. I decided to share the knowledge that I spent hours upon hours researching with everyone who may (or may not) be in the same boat as I.

A little about me:

My name is Asia and I’m a 23 year old Capricorn.. I grew up in a military family, moving from state to state (and a couple of different countries) just about every year of my childhood. I was born in North Carolina, lived in every state from Georgia to New Jersey, and graduated high school in Delaware. I received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Virginia State University in 2013. I’m currently located in Baltimore, Maryland working towards a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology.

My parents raised me to be very independent. With that being said, I’m known for balancing 3 and 4 jobs at a time while still going to school full-time. I did it all throughout undergrad, and my first year of graduate school as well. When I realized I was killing myself trying to balance working full-time to take care of myself and live comfortably while also pursuing a masters degree full-time, I put my ‘comfortable lifestyle’ on hold and went back to living like a student! This transition took a damper on me mentally, physically and most of all financially – but it’s a sacrifice you make to get where you want to be! I hope that this blog will provide insight, hope and motivation to others also making the ‘grad school sacrifice’ while also trying to embrace being a natural black woman!